Flirting with suicide, protesting death
*******Trigger Warning*******
(Katt - 16 - wishful - hateful)
Sexually unidentified, overly reassuring and feline-obsessed. Stay gold, Ponyboy.
Know me?
My baby
I wasn't born to be a skeleton
Anonymous asked:
you are so beautiful
I replied:

You’ve mistaken me for your kind words, kitten

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Anonymous asked:
Mmm gurl, if he don't like your body he ain't worth shieeett. Don't think about him, don't look at him, he ain't worth the oxygen he breaths or your feelings. A real friend, a true lover, they won't care if you blew up over night, cut off all your hair and got a really shitty tattoo, they'd still love you for you, and that includes yo body. If not, they now where the door is. *Z snaps*
I replied:

There isn’t a him to like or dislike my body, there isn’t anyone but honestly I’d take that over how I feel s:

You are fucking cat-tastic though, be my friend oh goodness please

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there should be cat parties
where everyone brings a cat
and theres like just a billion cats
all partying and shit

I second this notion

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2 years ago my left arm was completely clean - not to say i hadn’t self harmed before, just not here. but i think, really, that this was the tipping point.

this was when i didn’t care if i couldn’t wear short sleeves anymore, because i didn’t plan on being around long enough for the weather to get that hot anyway.
this was when i gave up.
but you know, two suicide attempts and an arm cut to ribbons later, i’m still here. sometimes i don’t know why, and sometimes i’m kinda pissed, sure, but hey. i exist.
i exist, even if i’m not happy
i exist, even if i haven’t stopped cutting
i exist, even if i’m miserable with my weight
i. exist.
and i will keep existing, and i will keep relapsing, but that’s okay, because it’s proof that i’m trying.
i have people criticize me for wearing short sleeves in pictures, and you know what?
fuck that. fuck y’all. 
if i wanna prove i’m existing, i will.
i fucking exist.

Missing you comes in waves.

Tonight I’m drowning.

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Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2004
"I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did."
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I’ve failed.
"You said you wouldn’t, you did."
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Lesson learned: Don’t fall in love with someone unless they admit to loving you first.

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