Anonymous:  So ur a frigid lols

Who says I haven’t already found said person? No need to be a lil bitch

Anonymous:  Your opinion and outlook on sex is really thought out and I respect it. Besides its your body, mind and choice to think whatever you want. Props to you for being a dedicated partner too. Not many people like that anymore haha. Xx

This means so much omfg thankyouthankyouthankyou

Anonymous:  Hang in there beautiful We all believe in you! Xxx

This is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received, stay gold kitten

Anonymous:  I saw the other anon ask. Soo, you're like, an advocate of having sex with only the person you love rite? I see no issue with it, its your life, just curious :)

I don’t mind or care about what other people do with their sex lives and I’m even like “yooo props!” A lot of the time when people mention that kind of stuff ahaha, I’m just really worried about getting hurt emotionally. Like I’ve thought about it a lot in those situations (that doesn’t mean there was a lot of situations just a lot of thinking not that that matters) but I just take relationships in a really serious dedicated way (I’m not saying if you have sex with people in other cases you don’t). I get extremely attached really easily and am very dependent on my significant other so I want to make sure that it goes both ways to avoid shitty endings as best as I can, and that’s just my way of doing it. c:

Anonymous:  If you liked me and thought I was hot would you have sex with me?

I would only ever do anything sexual with someone who I am set on being with furr good and I have to be at least somewhat sure they would want the same with me.

Anonymous:  You my little beefcake are amazing yes.


That didn’t sound to friendly o:



Instead of me having to explain why I don’t like rape jokes, how about you explain why you find them funny.

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Anonymous:  I have no friends I'm fat I'm ugly and I want to disappear. And I need help

I’ll be your friend, and I know it sounds cheesy and probably won’t make a difference but you’re beautiful in your own way whether it be physical or not. Besides, I’m sure you’re not ugly in any sense love. If mew want to talk mew could come off anon, if your comfortable with that?

Anonymous:  Keep your chin up, sweetie!! You are beautiful!

You’re mag-meow-ficent love

Anonymous:  *hugs* you're adorable omfg -madi

I wanna know who all these people are who sign there names you’re all purrf and I only know one and ahhhhhhh

Anonymous:  <3 everything will be okay, do not fear <3

I have not afraid my eminem stuck in my head now haha, thank you love.