Flirting with suicide, protesting death

*******Trigger Warning*******

This is not some "crash diet", but if you treat it as so, you're almost guaranteed to crash.

If you find yourself considering or experiencing harmful behaviors and/ or mind sets, please seek professional help immediately.

(Katt - 17 - wishful - hateful)

Sexually unidentified, overly reassuring and feline-obsessed.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

DISCLAIMER: I do not share content with any intention of threat or harm toward your wellbeing.

I do not share what I personally find to be triggering; BUT, not all brain sponges contain the same suds. What I post should and is not (meant to) be taken or used to worsen or encourage perilous behavior(s).

So if my milk is putrefactive in your tea, then I ask you, please refrain from viewing and/ or following the potentially tainting or unintentionally-curdled substance known as my blog. I don't really care or mind if you acknowledge my "unfollow" button.

The following may contain posts or discussions involving serious mental illnesses that customarily result in short and, oftentimes, long term physical effects.

BLACKLISTING TAGS: My basic tags for triggering content are "TW" and "Trigger Warning" but I also use more specific tags for different subjects (as well as the 2 mentioned).

These are NOT "trendy lifestyle choices", nor do they allow you to live a satisfied life.

They are hazardous and manipulative illnesses and I will not tolerate them being treated as a joke, fad, lifestyle or game.

They are not a choice.

Know me?
My baby
I wasn't born to be a skeleton
Finally c:

Finally c:

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